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GB News is a news channel for the UK that launched in June 2021. Unfortunately, it got off to a rough start, with some bad PR and an advertiser boycott. This meant viewer numbers were lower than they’d predicted, even though their offering was what, our research told us, a significant majority of people wanted. Our first task, therefore, was to drive trial by these people (who mostly lived outside of London). Our second was to correct the misunderstanding caused by the early bad PR (mostly amongst people living in London).

And that ends todays news.

GBNews Massive_BBC_One D48 720x384px2.jpg
GBNews BBC Belfast Smart Outdoor 864x432px.jpg
GBNews Massive_BBC_One D48 720x384px.jpg
GBNews Eamonn Facebook Banner 398x208px2.jpg
GBNews Massive_BBC_One Manchester Piccadilly Tansvision 1000x500px3.jpg
GBNews Ask_One_Massive 640x1280px 3.jpg
GBNews Ask_One_Massive 970x250px3.jpg
GBNews BBC Bolton Smart Outdoor 384x608px.jpg
GBNews Massive_One Gateshead Smart Outdoor 432x864px2.jpg
GBNews Eamonn Marylebone Tower 576x880px2.jpg
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