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Like many companies, the lockdown hit our business pretty hard. But, rather than sitting on our butts, we decided to take the advice we give clients during a crisis or recession: advertise. TV audiences were up and great poster sites were available. With social distancing an issue, we decided to just use type. We did, however, manage to secure the services of Dame Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson to add a dollop of star quality. And the outcome? Awareness of LONDON Advertising, according to research done by Populus, went up by 50%, visits to our website increased 27 fold, and a number of clients have ‘virtually’ walked through our door. It’s good to know advertising works.

1. That’s Why We’re Advertising

2. Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

3. CEO

4. Name An Agency

6. Remember This One

5. A Good Ad

7. Advertising Test

8. Job

9. London Advertising, London Advertising

10. Does Advertising Work

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