Like many companies, the lockdown hit our business pretty hard. But rather than sitting on our butts, we decided to take the advice we give clients during a crisis or recession: advertise. TV audiences were up and great poster sites were available, even as people returned to the shops and work. With social distancing still an issue, we decided to go all type. We did, however, manage to secure the services of Dame Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson to add a dollop of star quality. The work is running throughout July and we’re as excited and nervous as any client; fingers are crossed, wood is being touched.

1. That’s Why We’re Advertising

2. Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

3. CEO

4. Name An Agency

6. Remember This One

8. Job

5. A Good Ad

7. Advertising Test

9. London Advertising, London Advertising

10. Does Advertising Work