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No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum had been a huge sales success in the UK. There were two reasons: First, it had been shown to work better than any other anti-wrinkle cream in independent tests. Second, it was distributed through Boots’ 2500 UK stores. We were asked to create and roll out a global campaign, starting with a test market in Finland. Easy you would think. However, there is no anti-aging market in Finland, Finnish women are not interested in what British women think or use and there are no Boots stores in Finland. We knew the product worked, so all we had to do was convince the good ladies of Finland it worked. Who better to do that than the good ladies of Finland. And our One Brilliant Idea was: Se Tomi (for those of you who don’t speak Finnish, that translates to: It works). We’re pleased to say our work also worked – beautifully.

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