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Banging our drum on the er...Drum

When the coronavirus outbreak snatching a significant loss from London Advertising’s revenue, rather than cry into one’s Corona, it decided to switch things around and follow its own advice. With the help Dame Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson, the ad agency is on its way to reaching 30 million people, with the hope its plea gets picked up by chief execs, marketing directors or managing directors.

“If we had a client who had this problem we‘d advise them to advertise,” says London Advertising’s chief exec Michael Moszynski, as he discusses his agency's decision to take the plunge and advertise its way out of lockdown. “From our knowledge, companies that advertise during a downturn gain market share against their competitors who don't. So we saw it as an opportunity. When have you ever seen an advertising agency advertising itself?“

Read the full article here:

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