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How does a young graduate break into advertising today?

So you have your degree and you’ve waved goodbye to uni. What next? Straight into industry? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, not even close. As a recent Grad I know this all too well.

Finishing an advertising degree, I was ready to start my new career in London. I must have sent out hundreds of CVs and applications in the space of a few weeks. It was a testing time. Even when you hear back from a prospective employer – which doesn’t always happen – you still have to go through a whole process of trial projects and endless interviews and you still might not make the cut. With no family members to turn to, no names to drop, what do you have to do to break into this industry?

Thankfully the IPA came to my rescue with Advertising Unlocked. Back in September, agencies across the UK opened up their doors for the day for people new to the industry to come and get a taste of what agency life is like. I knew how important it is to land at the right agency for you, so, with this is in mind, I carefully looked at the agencies taking part and came across a real gem I had been interested in for a while.

Read the full article here:

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