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Wedgwood is a manufacturer of fine English china with a history stretching back to 1759. However, it had gone into liquidation and then been acquired by a U.S. private equity company. What’s more, their products had become commoditised and were being sold without any brand premium. Our job was to relaunch the brand globally and re-establish that premium. After looking into Wedgwood’s past, we realised it had been purchased and used by the aristocracy through-out its history. So, we decided to use modern-day aristos in our work. And the One Brilliant Idea was: At home in the finest homes. Now, make yourself a nice cup of tea (preferably in a nice Wedgwood cup) and have a look at what we did.

Wedgwood 285x220v65_CHINESE-2.jpg
Wedgwood 285x220v65_JAPANESE-2.jpg
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