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Crime Stoppers International

Crime Stoppers International is an independent not-for-profit organisation with a goal of reducing the impact of crime and illegal activity on our societies.

Off the back of a very successful PR launch in 2023, LONDON has now launched a global campaign to combat the trade in fake goods that costs the global economy $4.2 trillion*.

$4.2 trillion is the size of the GDP of three-quarters of all the countries in the world, which has a devastating cost to not only the global economy, but also the human lives wrecked by the organised criminal networks who control it.

Our solution was to create a new (fake) brand, which is all very real in its impact - The Illegal Empire. The campaign was launched via social media and has been supported by a host of influencers, celebrities, brands and partners, including the Advertising Association and the Anti-Counterfeiting Group.


Social Alcohol
Fashion & Lifestyle Influencers

We worked with 19 different fashion and lifestyle influencers who helped spread our message in their markets by reviewing the film and sharing with their followers.

We sent Illegal Empire boxes to influencers to kick start the campaign. The boxes contained the head of a toy rabbit and instructions to scan a QR code to watch a film.
The soft toy is the same rabbit a young girl is holding in the film. 

The box had many Illegal Empire branded elements, including stamps, QR code and packaging made up of shredded articles from the Stop the Illegal Empire hub.
Fake Fashion Article
Fake Tyre Article
Fake Toy Article
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