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ALL Fans MASTER 200x266 FINAL No Baselin
ALL Fans MASTER 200x266 FINAL No Baselin

Mandarin Oriental was a small, Asia-based, luxury hotel group with ambitions to grow.

We realised early in the process that all hotel advertising was the same; it differentiated through the detail – the rooms, the lobby, the concierge service…


If you’re staying in a luxury hotel it should go without saying these will be top notch.

We took a look at who stayed at the hotels and discovered that all manner of celebs were fans.

From there it wasn’t a huge leap to the One Brilliant Idea: He’s/She’s a fan (especially as their logo is a fan).

We’ve been working on the campaign for over 20 years now and are delighted to report the results have been ‘fantastic’: the Group has expanded by 620% since launch and the campaign has the highest-ever ad recall recorded by Ipsos Mori.


So, people must be fans of the ads too.

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