LONDON is a global advertising agency based in London.​

We have been voted agency of the year for the last four years.

We think there is a lot of hogwash talked about advertising today.

We believe the objective of advertising is simple: to make a product, brand, company, or person known and remembered in order to increase sales, usage or likeability.

We don’t see anything wrong with that. We think it’s a good thing.

We are NOT a social agency, a digital agency, a P.R. agency, an experiential agency, a content agency, a data agency…

We use all these tools. We do not restrict ourselves to the latest trends or to traditional media. If it is the best thing for the job, we use it. We believe a good strategy is essential. We believe creativity is crucial.

We are happy to work on a project, consultancy or retained basis.

​If LONDON sounds like the sort of agency you’d be interested in working with please get in touch.



3 Baltic Street East, London EC1Y 0UJ.

+44 (0)20 7608 7222

Henry Moffett

Business Director

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